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About us



Virtu Industries Pte Ltd was established in the year 2011 with the intention of providing our customers with innovative and practical design solutions to commercial and residential spaces. We have since rapidly carved out a reputation for being a maverick amongst our industry, daring in our approach and resolute in our vision.


Core Business


Virtu Industries Pte Ltd offers an array of integrated services;

a)      Interior design

b)      Space and resource planning

c)      Design consultancy and conceptualization

d)      Project development, implementation and project management.

e)      Through our affiliated companies, a comprehensive scope of M&E services

          such as Electrical, Air-conditioning, Fire-protection and minor A&A works.




We have a group of experienced and dedicated designers and project manager who can effectively integrate, implement and apply ideas into reality. A dynamic synergy that flows from conception to actualization of the final product. 




By constantly challenging our boundaries and exploring new technologies, Virtu Industries Pte Ltd has over the years acquired a reputation for being in the forefront of the interior design industry. We remain true to our aspiration, to Make your workspace and the environment a better place to be in. Every project has it’s own signature, statement ( spiral staircase, winding glass wall ), it’s own energy management system, an initiative that we are very proud of, a proven energy saver system and a commitment to do our part for the environment. A vision that we hope we can share with you.

Our Management Team.

Ivan Mak


HP: +65 9191 1929

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Christy Mak

HR / Finance Manager

HP: +65 9191 1948

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